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Day Hike: 4-12 miles, 2 to 8 hours*

Email for price and scheduling

*Varies depending on hikers level of endurance

Bookings available starting April 2022

About the hike

The Chuska Mountains are located in the heart of the Navajo Nation and lays on the Arizona and New Mexico border. With an elevation region ranging from 6,000 to 9,500 feet, a day hike in the Chuska Mountains Trail can be a glorious hike to an amazing land that is experienced by the few.

This hike ranges from 4-6 miles. Enjoy a day exploring a pre-colonial mecca destination for many tribal nations of what is now know as the United States. 

Basics needed for this hike:

  • day pack

  • hydration pack/water 1-3L

  • snacks e.g. jerky, portein bars, fruit, etc.

  • headlamp or flashlight

  • rain jacket or poncho

  • cap/hat 

  • sunscreen

  • bearspray, bear bells, etc. (optional)

Weather conditions may vary, please dress and pack accordingly. Wildlife may be present e.g. bears, mountain lions, bobcats, snakes, etc. 

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