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Níhízhi’-Our Name

Like most Dine words, Hołdzilei has no one translation to English, but many translations in Navajo. All of which relate to being, doing and establishing strength. In the word lies the root word, dzi or dzih, which translates to breathe, breathing, life, living. Another root word is dził which translates most commonly to mountain; strong foundation. Another word you can derive from Hołdzilei is shidziilbidziil, nihizhiil, which translates to I am strong, she/he is strong, we are strong. 

Hołdzilei encompasses all of what we represent and who we strive to be, determined, strong, resilient, sacred five fingered beings.


Our Mission

To be a leading indigenous owned company by providing unique backpacking and hiking adventures, in a sustainable and meaningful way, which aligns and promotes our Diné teachings.

Our Vision

Hołdzilei yishááł, hołdzilei yiikah—strong living, living strong together.

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